I value uniqueness and that is why I do not use moulds.  Every piece is hand thrown and individually designed and scratched.  The method that I use on my ceramics is a direct result of  my lack of confidence in the use of colours, and my love for textures:  A wax resist meets scrafitti technique. This way allows me to experiment with texture and monochrome tones, that give depth.

I have split my work into my “Trixi Originals” (patterned items only) and my “Signature” range (once-off creations).

My creations are made to be used, rather than just being decorative.   So far, I have made hand wash basins, sinks, fruit bowls, vases, lidded jars, aroma lamps, candle holders, salad bowls and serving dishes, cake stands, platters, jugs and pitchers, sugar bowls, tea pots, cups, mugs, wine goblets, carafes and dinner sets including charger plates, dinner plates, side plates, soup and dessert bowls.  I am constantly looking for new challenges, within the confines of the style and technique that I have developed.  It is therefore not surprising, that a lot of my work is custom designed.